Welcome to
The Crystal Road

I found crystals or should I say they found me. I wear them, I carry them with me wherever I go, I meditate with them and I even sleep with them under my pillow. I'm absolutely absorbed by their beauty, power and amazing healing qualities

This fascination led to a two-year in-depth study and a further one-year advanced development study into Subtle Energy Medicine and how it can be applied as a healing therapy. I truly believe we have so much to learn and gain in terms of healing from the treasures of the universe – the study of crystal energy and subtle energy are a life-long journey and such a wonderful road to travel

I trained with the Vibrational Healing Foundation. I believe their teachings were by far the most intense and all consuming study I've ever undertaken. I believe that subtle energy medicine warrants so much more credit than it currently attains

As a Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner, I offer crystal healing sessions, deep crystal relaxations, guided crystal meditations and a series of crystal energy chakra sessions run over a 7 week period incorporating both relaxation and meditation. I integrate my knowledge of yoga philosophy and meditation into my practice as they deeply complement one another

I integrate Reiki energy with gem therapy, relaxation and meditation for a deeper more profound experience of subtle energy medicine

I'm also a Homeopath (Licentiate), a Dru Meditation Teacher (Diploma), a Dru Student Yoga Teacher (200-hour). For more details please visit https://carolegregoryhomeopath.com/

Carole Gregory RSHom MVHF